Nothing truly prepares you for the sheer scale of the Kalahari – it stretches for millions of kilometres across eight countries, and its size is only matched by its otherworldly beauty. A landscape that time forgot, for centuries it has supported fauna, flora and the indigenous San people.

Despite the arid conditions, it supports huge numbers of game, much of which has specially adapted to deal with the harsh conditions. Known to the Tswana people as Kgalgadi, the Land of Thirst, the solitary expanse of sand is as intimidating as it is hypnotic. It’s not only the sand that seems to stretch on forever, time seems to pass differently, and it at once feels like a window to the past and a passage to the future.

From the spectacular roar of the Kalahari lion to the stinging hot winds and towering dunes, the Kalahari is one of the world’s most unique destinations and a place that will leave you changed forever after a single visit.  A Kalahari safari also presents the best opportunity to see many of Africa’s smaller and more elusive animals such as wild cat, porcupine, aardwolf, meerkat and honey badger, and the birdlife is surprisingly good, especially in the rainy summer months between December and April. Chat to our travel experts about when the best time is to and where to stay.


  • Central Kalahari Game Reserve

  • Stargazing

  • Nxai Pan National Park

  • Black-maned Kalahari lions

  • Meerkat interactions


The Kalahari scenery is beautiful, the illuminated night sky staggering … and the wildlife unique!


There is something for all tastes, budgets and trip types and typical ranges from tented camps to luxury safari lodges. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable honeymoon in the desert or a family-friendly safari holiday,  we have it covered with our selection of Kalahari accommodation. Chat with the experts about making your Kalahari safari so much simpler – we have tried and tested all of them!