East Africa is a wild realm of extraordinary landscapes, peoples and wildlife in one of our planet’s most beautiful corners. It is the true home of the African safari. Experience such overwhelming scenes of abundance, among them chimpanzees and the powerful yet gentle silverback male gorilla forced with their families into remote islands of montane forest. To draw near to such wildness is to experience something so profound as to live forever in the memory.


Some of the world’s most famous, expertly designed golf courses are found in Africa including, the Gary Player Country Club Course at Sun City in South Africa.  And of course let’s not forget the Home of the Extreme 19th at Legends Golf and Safari Resort – the world’s longest and highest Par 3 and accessibly only helicopter. But, why stick to only golf, when there is so much more to experience? Combine a top-class golfing experience with a Big Five safari or even a beach experience or include a bush and beach experience in your itinerary.


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag
Africa boasts many different kinds of bucket list experiences; from standing on the edge of the Victoria Falls to observing gorillas in the forests of Uganda and even watching the great migration in Kenya. Let us be privileged enough to book your next bucket list experience.


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